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British American Tobacco Career Opportunities

Job Title: Shift Manager
Category: BAT Sub Saharan Africa(SSA)
Location: Likoni Road, Industrial Area
Reporting to: SMD Manager
Reference Number: kk/SSA/OPs/17-10-08/05
Response Deadline: 31 st October 2008

Requirement Overview
The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring that high quality cigarettes are manufactured in an orderly and safe environment by managing a shift of highly motivated teams to execute the production plan within agreed schedule thereby achieving high productivity and low manufacturing cost.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Ensuring that manufacturing of various cigarette brands to high Quality Standards achieving the set quality targets.
  2. Ensuring SKU's run by the shift for a specified period attain the set conformance to plan budget.
  3. Maintaining overtime spend within budget, control WM and tobacco waste on the floor and ensuring conversion cost target is achieved.
  4. Controlling inputs and outputs flow (MW, F Goods, Waste) in the production process thereby attaining high housekeeping standards.
  5. Ensuring high levels of efficient resource utilisation resulting in improved productivity, AMO and reduced waste.
  6. Ensuring the team operates within a safe environment with high levels of production process control in order to achieve the set levels of productivity.
  7. Giving regular performance and development feedback to the members of the shift in order to increase talent management capability.
  8. Working closely with other departments and shifts to ensure smooth shift transition, material availability and services for continuous and efficient running of the factory.
  9. Providing relevant benchmarking information and encourage idea generation within the shift. Supporting phasing and implementation of innovative ideas.
  10. Ensuring all process parameters that impact on product quality are followed.
  11. Focus self and team on meeting quality standards and guidelines to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.
  12. Assessing and reviewing impact of present and future activities on EHS.
  13. Contributing to developing best practice on productivity improvement, waste control, asset turnover and product quality performance measures.
Skills and Experience:
  1. Minimum 5 years experience in a busy factory
  2. Interpersonal skills; effective communication and influencing skills
  3. Understand quality objectives and capable of guiding his/her team to meet the required standards.
  4. Rapid response to changes and efficient execution of the production plan ensuring best utilization of available resources.
  5. Ability to engage and motivate team, colleagues, managers and customers.
  6. Build relationship with Maintenance Managers to ensure all technical issues impacting on quality and modular output are efficiently resolved.
  7. Work with the Quality Manager for efficient monitoring and response to quality issues by the teams
  8. Build relationship with the wrapping materials Store Manager to ensure required material availability, process improvement and resolving arising WM issues
University Degree preferably in Engineering field.

Job Title: Production Services Supervisor
Category: BAT Sub Saharan Africa(SSA)
Reference Number: kk/SSA/OPs/17-10-08/06
Location: Likoni Road, Industrial Area
Reporting to: SMD Manager
Response Deadline: 31st October 2008

Requirement Overview
The incumbent will be responsible for maintaining and managing accurate and up to date factory information systems to facilitate informed decision making by managers which shall translate to process & efficiency improvement.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Ensuring all process data is captured accurately and on time by the Factory Data Analysts.
  2. Compiling performance reports on various process data and ensuring accuracy and completeness of the reports before circulation to management.
  3. Generating and maintaining periodic backups for all information systems working within the factory.
  4. Managing the maintenance of both electronic and paper data for the factory.
  5. Analyzing and monitoring process data and assisting the manufacturing team to continuously improving their processes in the field of: Quality, AMO, Waste, Housekeeping and Innovation.
  6. Providing leadership for the Factory Data Analyst and coaching them so as to improve their competencies in the technical skills in a structured manner and hence improve performance.
  7. Coordinating with other parties involved in stocks management (Planning Manager, Manufacturing Accounts and ESR Manager) to ensure that stocks are well managed while ensuring that teams in the factory get accurate and timely feedback from gap analysis of process data.
  8. Continuously reviewing the factory processes proactively and suggest/implement positive changes.
  9. Liaising with all the sections to ensure that factory scheduling is accurate and that stocks are transferred to the store on time and with the right quality.
  10. Ensuring effective communication within and across the teams.
  11. Have a good understanding of Information systems used both within the factory and externally.
Skills and Experience:
  1. At least 2 years working in a manufacturing environment.
  2. Have a good understanding of production scheduling and planning
  3. Ability to create and maintain good working relationships within the Manufacturing team and across the company.
  4. Interpersonal skills;"effective communication and influencing skills
  5. Good presentation skills
  6. Leadership skills
  7. Excellent analytical and report writing skills
  8. Excellent Computer skills - knowledge of SAP system is an advantage.
University Degree Preferably in Engineering

Job Title: Technical Operator
Category: BAT Sub Saharan Africa(SSA)
Reference Number: kk/SSA/OPs/17-10-08/07
Location: Likoni Road, Industrial Area
Reporting to: Shift Manager
Response Deadline: 31 st October 2008

Requirement Overview
The incumbent will be responsible for operating a cigarette making/peripheral machine to achieve set target quality parameters and meet market demand at optimum cost and to maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Operating cigarette production machine to achieve the planned production schedules.
  2. Monitoring product quality continuously and update quality checklists to ensure that products meet the set quality standards.
  3. Checking machine detectors and guard interlocks to ensure they are in good working condition and ensure the machine is safe to operate as well as produce good quality cigarettes.
  4. Managing the maintenance of both electronic and paper data for the process.
  5. Ensuring good standards of housekeeping and safe working conditions to ensure a safe and clean working environment.
  6. Participating in machine service, light maintenance, scheduled machine maintenance, machine overhaul/relocation/installations and clean the machine to forestall disruption of the machine and improve its performance capability.
  7. Ensure accurate accounting for time not utilized for positive production by logging in downtime accurately to avail the information required for maintenance planning.
Skills and Experience:
1. At least 2 years working experience as a technical operator in a manufacturing environment.
2. Computer literacy
3. Good communication and Analytical Skills
4. Strong technical skills
5. Knowledge of Statistical process control

Diploma in Engineering

Equity Statement:
British American Tobacco is an equal opportunity employer

General: The company reserves the right not to make any appointments as a result of the selection process.

An attractive remuneration package commensurate with the role will be offered to the successful candidate.

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